PyFLTK - an underrated gem for GUI projects

aum aum at
Mon Nov 7 01:39:32 CET 2005

On Sun, 06 Nov 2005 16:31:54 -0800, Paul Rubin wrote:

> aum <aum at> writes:
>> To me, wxPython is like a 12-cylinder Hummer, ...
>> Whereas PyFLTK feels more like an average suburban 4-door sedan
> Interesting.  What would Tkinter be at that car dealership?  What
> about PyGTK?

Tkinter - would be like an old Holden with abundant interchangeable parts,
but needing a cultivated intuitive feel and much tinkering to get the
engine and everything else to work just right. Needing to pull over and
change a few jumpers on the PC board of the radio to get it on the right

PyGTK - no experience there

Pythoncard - a 50cc motorbike with training wheels


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