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Thu Nov 17 19:41:07 CET 2005

Chris Mellon <arkanes at> writes:
> Your rights are anything you can do that is not forbidden - the US
> constitution is explicitly designed in this way, something that people
> often forget. There is no difference between an "explicit" and an
> "inferred" right, by design. If you read the text of the US
> constitution, even the phrasing makes this clear. In fact, the format
> of the Bill of Rights was considered harmful by some of the founding
> fathers, because they felt that people would interpert it exactly as
> they have - as enumerating the limits of government power, instead of
> enumerating the powers themselves.

It should be noted that the 10th amendment was added to the bill of
rights to deal with this fear. It states explicitly that any rights
not listed were reserved to the states or the public.

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