So, Which Version is Suitable for Beginners

Christoph Haas haas at
Sun Nov 6 13:53:09 CET 2005

On Sunday 06 November 2005 13:29, blah at blah.blah wrote:
> I m actually a Novice in Python as well as Linux, When i look up
> things on the internet about Linux Flavours, They are written so
> complex that it is difficult for me to understand, i am asking if
> anyone here know of a Linux Distribution that is for beginners (I am a
> new user of linux, therefore, i dont know what linux will do.) also
> the flavour must have python so i can work on it too. I will use
> Vmware Workstation, because Linux and Windows on a Dual-boot Dont work
> well, Linux works fine, but Windows Shows Problems, So, i will
> summarize it as:
> A) Linux Distribution which is intended for beginners, and contains
> Python

Ubuntu (see below).

> B) I need it to work on VMware Workstation 5

Most do.

> C) Do not Recommend Fedora ,Debian (the Original).

Debian is clean and powerful but perhaps not suited well for complete 
novices. So I would recommend a Debian-based distribution like "Ubuntu" to 
you. It will not bother you with all the gears and give you a working 
desktop environment which - of course - includes Python. If you like KDE 
over Gnome (I do) you can use "Kubuntu". If you haven't heard of Gnome or 
KDE yet... just try Ubuntu.

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