Modify HTML data

Swarna swarnapsv at
Sun Nov 6 18:31:47 CET 2005

Peter Hansen wrote:
> Swarna wrote:
> > I am using scp in python to copy a html file on remote server, to my
> > local machine. Now, i need to update this html file in my local machine
> > ( by adding a new Hyperlink to the existing table od hyperlinks ) and
> > copy it back (overwriting the old copy ) to the remote server.
> If you are using scp to copy the file from the remote server in the
> first place, what's stopping you from using scp to copy it back?

I might be vague in expressing my problem.....the problem is not with
scp. What i need is how to modify the html file in my local machine
that i got from remote server.

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