what happens when the file begin read is too big for all lines to be?read with "readlines()"

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Sat Nov 19 12:48:59 CET 2005

Ross Reyes <rossreyes at rcn.com> wrote:
> Sorry for maybe a too simple a question but I googled and also
> checked my reference O'Reilly Learning Python book and I did not
> find a satisfactory answer.

The Python documentation is online, and it's good to get familiar with


It's even possible to tell Google to search only that site with
"site:docs.python.org" as a search term.

> When I use readlines, what happens if the number of lines is huge?
> I have a very big file (4GB) I want to read in, but I'm sure there
> must be some limitation to readlines and I'd like to know how it is
> handled by python.

The documentation on methods of the 'file' type describes the
'readlines' method, and addresses this concern.


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