A Tcl/Tk programmer learns Python--any advice?

Svenn Are Bjerkem svenn.are at bjerkem.de
Thu Nov 10 15:41:42 CET 2005

In article <1131552039.774736.298520 at z14g2000cwz.googlegroups.com>, 
sigzero at gmail.com says...
> That is a misconception. There are several really good packages for OO
> in Tcl. XOTcl, [incr] Tcl, and my favorite Snit.

None of which are core functions. As I stated, there is currently no OO 
in the core like in python.

> On top of that there is currently being added OO to the core of Tcl as
> well. That should all be integrated in when 8.5 comes out in the
> spring.

Which once again is a confirmation that my statement was correct about 
missing OO in the current core.

> Tk is getting a native L&F uplift as well.

This is just eye candy, Tkinter was long time GUI for python and no 
reason to move from Tcl to python. Today you can choose about any 
toolkit for python and Tcl still has rusty old Tk.

It is all a question what you want to solve and how you want to solve 
it. Tcl/Tk was once the best way to write "throwaway" applications with 
a GUI, and it still is, in my opinion, but then I know too little python 
so far.

(and python can not do "set result [exec someprog << $input]" as far as 
I know)


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