Invoking Python from Python

Cameron Laird claird at
Thu Nov 10 00:08:03 CET 2005

In article <86slu58umn.fsf at>, Mike Meyer  <mwm at> wrote:
>It's very flexible - but at this point, the "configuration file" is a
>Python program, and not really suitable to use by non-programmers.
Or both.  I have lived through a lot of experiences where
customers think a configuration file has a very simple
syntax--but in case of some puzzle/emergency/challenge/...,
I can tell 'em, "put 'complicated_script_that_I_can_recite_
on_the_telephone' right at the bottom, and tell me what
happens."  That's saved weeks of thrashing around.

I should make that explicit:  application developers, you
don't have to tell customers everything your programs do.
Your obligation is to make 'em meet requirements.  If it
helps *you* that they do more, so be it.

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