how to bypass firewall

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> Hello everyone,
> I need some help regrading byassing firewalls.My college has internet
> aces but it prevents us from dowloading music(*.mp3,*.mid,etc.)from the
> net.

Then Don't - The firewall, being lame as those things are, probably looks
for *and logs* specific URL's and plain-text file names. So the first step
is to not use things that it recognises.

> I use a win xp sp2 and browse using ie 6. Is there any way how i
> can dowload music on my computer using this connection. (We have a
> proxy server throught which all the connections pass)

So *you* must have a proxy server *outside* the firewall to do the
downloading, then fetch through the firewall using some protocol that hides
the content - The combine of SSL and HTTP probably *will* go through

Since this is supposedly  relevant to Python, how about the proxy being
Shareaza "remoted" with Pythons XML-RPC over SSH using Wx-Python as a GUI?

Maybe even support streaming so all the "warez" reside on the proxy, yet the
music plays where you are; it's probably the safest way. "Don't shit where
you eat" - "They" come and kick the door in - but not at your place.

*That* would be a neat project.


Once you got your proxy setup, you do not really need to go through the
firewall at all. A DVD/RW goes straight through with lots of bandwith ;-)

> Thanks,
> Parth Shah

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