how to present Python's OO feature in design?

Paul McGuire ptmcg at
Mon Nov 7 13:48:20 CET 2005

"pcmanlin" <yulin724 at> wrote in message
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> As I know java has many UML tools to design for its OO feature, is
> there any tools or good concept for Python project Modeling?

Check out EnterpriseArchitect ( ).  They have
a very good UML tool that has a Python plugin. I'd recommend the
Professional Edition - the code reverse-engineering is like magic.

Not open source or free, though.  EA Pro is US$199, Academic license is
US$105.  But compare to Rational at $US000's, it is a great value for the

-- Paul McGuire
(not associated wth SparxSystems, just a happy customer)

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