Do you have PERL and SQL programming experience?

Frank Odia careers at
Wed Nov 16 06:58:29 CET 2005

If the answer is yes I want to talk to you. My name is Frank Odia and  
I am a recruiter with High Tech Staffing, an IT placement firm in  
Portland. I came across your name while searching for PERL programmer  
with relational database background (Postgress or Oracle) for a  
client here in Portland. Honestly I don't know anything about your  
work experience but thought it wouldn't harm anybody if I shared this  
opening with you.


Our client provides business intelligence to the entertainment  
industry. Their product allows key decision-makers to become aware of  
trends and market opportunities. They are looking for an experienced  
PERL and SQL programmer (3-5 years or more) to help them expand their  
line of data analysis and reporting applications. The ideal candidate  
will have strong experience with Perl in a Unix environment and large  
transactional databases with Oracle 9i. Broad knowledge of computer  
science and software engineering discipline is preferred. If you know  
Scheme, Common Lisp, Haskell, ML, Smalltalk, Python and/or Ruby, your  
familiarity with advanced programming language concepts will benefit  
you during application and on the job. Candidates with experience or  
interest in pair programming and test- driven development are  
encouraged to apply.

If you would like to be considered for this opening please forward me  
a copy of your resume to careers at  This may not be the right  
situation for you. If not, hopefully you respect someone you know  
enough to pass this on to them, so they can make a decision to  
improve their life. Imagine - you have the ability to improve a  
colleague or friend’s job, career, lifestyle, by simply passing this  
on to them.

Sincerely Frank Michael Odia
Sr. Partner

3112 SE 197th Court
Camas WA 98607

Phone 503-914-6114
Alternate: 415-513-5399
Cell: 503-780-3210
Fax 440-388-5940
email:careers at

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