wxPython Licence vs GPL

Steve Holden steve at holdenweb.com
Wed Nov 23 17:33:24 CET 2005

John Perks and Sarah Mount wrote:
> we have some Python code we're planning to GPL. However, bits of it were
> cut&pasted from some wxPython-licenced code to use as a starting point
> for implementation. It is possible that some fragments of this code
> remains unchanged at the end.
Whether or not some fragments of code remain unchanged at the end of 
your project, if you start out with a piece of source code lifted from 
wxPython then what you have created is definitely a "derivative work" 
and, as such, you must take into account the wxPython license in your 
licensing of the derivative work.

> How should we refer to this in terms of copyright statements and bundled
> Licence files? Is there, say, a standard wording to be appended to the
> GPL header in each source file? Does the original author need to be
> named as one of the copyright holders, or that ours is a derivative work
> from his? Which of these would be required under the terms of the
> Licence, and which by standard practice / courtesy?
You'll have to read the wxPython license in order to find out the answer 
to that question.

> (This assumes the wxPython Licence is compatible with the GPL -- if not,
> do we just cosmetically change any remaining lines, so none remain from
> the orignal?)
That won't stop your code from being a derivative work. You'll need to 
take licensing and copyright issues a little more seriously before you 
release anything.

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