user account logon from python

Philippe C. Martin pmartin at
Tue Nov 8 18:23:04 CET 2005

That helps a lot, thanks.



jepler at wrote:

> "login APIs" vary widely from system to system.
> Classic Unix systems use calls like getpwent and crypt to check passwords,
> and then call setuid, setgid and setgroups to set the identity of the user
> who is
> logging in.  These are all available in stock Python, check the library
> reference for more details.  Other login-time activities, like writing
> utmp entries, may not be directly available in stock Python modules.
> Many modern Linux systems use something called 'pam' for login-related
> activities, and there seems to be something called 'python-pam' out there,
> but I've never used it.
> Graphical login managers have their own additional requirements, such as
> starting and stopping the X server, managing the X authentication
> information, etc.
> Jeff

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