newbiew ?->creating multiuser database project 2 b used via internet

python d at
Tue Nov 8 01:29:15 CET 2005

hello and thanks for reading this.
i am a long time windows/visual_basic user and i have been quite happy using that.

i am doing a consulting project for a dry cleaning company.
in the past i would use windows and visual basic but i want to create an app using python and linux using something link 
nomachine's nx server/client.

i really did python.
seems to me that i can create the app on my windows computer using things like:
--- python
--- postgre/mqsql
--- thinker or something like it.

then i could 'deploy'' it on linux.

perhaps someone can provide some answers to the following questions to guide me.

1. is there any skeleton apps that supports:
    --- multi-user database
    --- forms
    --- some simple ui
    --- optmized for use over internet.

i do not think i would want to use a browser based app is they seem to have a very primitve interface with too many page 
yeah, there is ajax but it is way to new for me.

i checked out rekall but it looked to primitve and under development plus it did not seem to do graphing and had only 
read only kde and i will not be using kde.

i have been checking out activatestate's komodo and i like that but i need some code to learn from.

python  is so different from visualbasic and i want to learn the right way

thanks so much,

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