Python Framework that works with IIS/SQL Server?

Robert Brewer fumanchu at
Fri Nov 4 00:03:29 CET 2005

randall_burns at wrote:
> I'd like to find a web framework that works with IIS and SQL Server on
> Windows(I know-but I didn't make that decision). Anyhow, I've 
> looked at Turbogears, Django, subway and didn't see any evidence
> that anyone had made these work in that configuration.
> Any suggestions?

Since TurboGears and Subway are built on top of CherryPy, they should be
able to use the ASP/IIS WSGI gateway here:

...and it seems there is some support for MS SQL Server in SQLObject,
which both frameworks also use:

I use bare CherryPy with my own ORM, which handles SQL Server quite

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