append to non-existing list

Roy Smith roy at
Wed Nov 9 14:52:30 CET 2005

In article <mailman.353.1131543337.18701.python-list at>,
 Yves Glodt <y.glodt at> wrote:

> > You mean you want to type "pkcolumns" only once to keep your code short?
> > Would something like this be useful?
> > 
> > pkcolumns = [row.strip() for row in sqlsth]
> I will look into this, maybe it's what I need, thanks!

The list comprehension format described above is handy and compact, and 
there's no reason you shouldn't use it when appropriate.  That being said, 
compactness should not itself be a goal.

Writing clear and easy to understand code is much more important than 
reducing the number of lines.  Sometimes you get both at the same time, but 
not always.

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