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Thu Nov 24 05:09:35 CET 2005

"bonono at" <bonono at> writes:
>> You're the one that wants to use the hammer to do whatever it is, not
>> me. I don't believe in silver bullets. Python is good at what it
>> does. If I need a different tool, I use a different tool, rather than
>> try and mangle a good tool into something it's not. Such attempts are
>> pretty much doomed. They nearly inevitably produce a tool that's not
>> as good at what the original did as the original, and not as good at
>> whatever new task it's being mangled to do as a tool that was
>> designed for that in the first place.
> And again.

This isn't a Python thing, it's a believe about tools in general -
that you should choose the right tool for the job. It isn't applied
very often to hardware tools because they aren't as mallable as
software tools, and have in general been around and improving for a
long time. But it applies to programming languages, data formats, and
similar more mallable things. Changes that make them better at what
they do are welcome; changes that make the into what they aren't are
viewed with great suspicion.

Maybe Python attracts people who share that belief.  After all, TRTFTJ
is implies TSBOOWTDI, and vice versa.

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