Python doc problem example: gzip module (reprise)

Mike Meyer mwm at
Sun Nov 6 04:05:58 CET 2005

Paul Rubin <> writes:

>> To my knowledge the PSF isn't doing anything about including the
>> documentation with their distribution, so they shouldn't care about
>> the licenses. Wanting to bundle a good tutorial for everything in
>> the library might be on the list, but the licenses on third-party
>> tutorials shouldn't matter until you are considering bundling them. 
> It's only -because- of those licenses that there's any reason not to
> bundle.

Actually, there are other reasons, just as there are reasons besides
licensing for not simply including third party libraries into the
standard library. Most important is the issue of maintenance: is
someone going to commit to keeping an added document up to date with
the distribution? Bundling out of date documentation is a bad
thing. Bundling documentation that is going to be left out of the next
release because nobody updated it isn't much better. The author of the
documentation is the logical person to do this, but if they wanted the
documentation bundled with Python, they probably would have submitted
it as a PR (I know that's what I do for OSS projects).

>> In that light, the only major omission I can think of is Tkinter, as
>> the only good docs - tutorial, reference, or otherwise - is the
>> Grayson's book.
> I found 
> to be a pretty good tutorial, though incomplete as a reference.

Thanks for the URL, but that's just a short list of links, most of
which I've already seen.

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