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Thu Nov 24 07:23:48 CET 2005

bonono at wrote:
> Mike Meyer wrote:
>>"bonono at" <bonono at> writes:
>>>>Maybe Python attracts people who share that belief.  After all, TRTFTJ
>>>>is implies TSBOOWTDI, and vice versa.
>>>I was not talking about the believe, I was talking about the way you
>>>presented it. You are setting up an "imaginary" me, which is not me.
>>>And that is the kind of arguments I saw, I believe this many times are
>>>done unconciously.
>>You're doing that yourself. But we don't have a real other person to
>>work with - the best we can do is work with our model of that other
>>person. That's life.
> In what way am I doing it myself ? It could be unconciously too but I
> always welcome if it could be pointed out.
I think Mike (the Mike I imagine, anyway) merely intended to point out 
that since we can't live in each others' heads all communication is with 
an imaginary person, whose actual thoughts and feelings are unavailable 
to us.

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