A Tcl/Tk programmer learns Python--any advice?

George Sakkis gsakkis at rutgers.edu
Mon Nov 7 20:26:31 CET 2005

"Kevin Walzer" <sw at wordtech-software.com> wrote:

> I've gotten all the approropriate resources for learning Python (docs,
> books, tutorials), so my question is this: are there any "gotchas" that
> Tcl programmers often encounter in learning Python? I'm thinking
> specifically about habits that may require "unlearning," for instance,
> such as grokking object orientation (Tcl procedures are now embedded
> deep in my brain).

I don't know Tcl, but python doesn't force you to be OO; you can write
100% procedural code if you want to. OTOH, you'll probably need other
people's code that is OO, so at the very least you'll have to be able
to read and use it. Fortunately, using an existing OO module/library is
much easier than designing and writing it, so you can get away with it
with little effort.


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