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Isaac Gouy igouy at
Wed Nov 30 23:37:37 CET 2005

Peter Hansen wrote:
> Isaac Gouy wrote:
> > Peter Hansen wrote:
> >>Judging by the other posts in this thread, the gauntlet is down: Python
> >>is faster than Java.  Let those who believe otherwise prove their point
> >>with facts, and without artificially handcuffing their opponents with
> >>non-real-world "purity" requirements.
> > That form of argument is listed as one of the principal forms of
> > illogical thinking in "Being Logical" D.Q.McInerny - "An Inability to
> > Disprove Does Not Prove"
> Good thing this is the form of argument *against* which I was arguing,
> rather than that which I choose to use myself.  (Read very carefully, if
> you really think I was saying otherwise, and point out exactly where I
> made any such claims for my own part.  In fact, I was referencing the
> arguments of others -- who *were* supporting their arguments with facts,
> as near as I can tell -- and I was calling on the opposition to do the
> same, and without changing the rules mid-discussion.)
> > "The fact that there is no concrete proof against a position does not
> > constitute an argument in favour of the position. I cannot claim to be
> > right simply because you can't prove me to be wrong."
> Isn't that what I was saying?  That those who claim Python isn't faster
> were not supporting their arguments with actual facts?
> -Peter

*Python is faster than Java.  Let those who believe otherwise prove
their point with facts*

We must be looking at different threads :-)

afaict the only posting that provided something like "facts" was

Which stated "Python is doing the heavy lifting with GMPY which is a
compiled C program with a Python wrapper" - but didn't seem to compare
that to GMPY with a Java wrapper?

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