GMPY: divm() memory leak revisited

mensanator at mensanator at
Sun Nov 6 19:06:03 CET 2005

Alex Martelli wrote:
> mensanator at <mensanator at> wrote:
>     ...
> > Unfortunately, I don't have any means of testing this theory.
> Yep -- I reproduced the memory leak you mentioned, and easily fixed it
> (exactly as you suggest) in the current CVS version of gmpy (meant to be
> "1.01 release candidate").  I need to fix some other pending bugs, then
> remind myself of how the (expl.del) one makes a release on Sourceforge,
> then it shd be fine

That's great!

>(except for Windows -- I have no Windows development
> system around to do anything... Mac and Linux only).

Well, I hope someone makes a Windows binary once you publish ver 1.01.
I downloaded all that MSVC command line stuff (over 800 MB!) but am not
looking forward to trying to get it to work.

> One of the bugs I must still get around to examining is the algorithmic
> one you mention in your next post, btw.
> Thanks for your diagnostic and debugging help.  BTW, should you wish to
> mail me privately, I'm "aleaxit" (my favourite userid, with or w/o the
> trailing "it" depending on service -- see to understand
> why that is the case), and the best way to reach me these days is
> through "" .
> Alex

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