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Simon Brunning simon.brunning at
Tue Nov 15 10:35:00 CET 2005

On 14/11/05, john boy <xray_alpha_charlie at> wrote:
> using the following program:
> prefixes = "JKLMNOPQ"
> suffix = "ack"
> for letter in prefixes:
>     print letter + suffix
>     if prefixes == "O" or "Q"

Here you need:

if prefixes == "O" or prefixes ==  "Q"

>        print letter + "u" + suffix
> For this program I am trying to combine the individual letters with the
> suffix to form names...but for O and Q I need to add in a "u" so the
> spelling is correct...I am having a hard time pulling just the O and Q out
> of the list of letters for manipulation...instead it is adding "u" to all
> the letters when combining with the suffix...apparently its due the fact
> that O and Q are present in the entire "string"......anybody have some
> suggestions for this??...

It's not because "O and Q are present in the entire string" - it's
because your expression

prefixes == "O" or "Q"

evaluates as

(prefixes == "O") or ("Q")

Since a string containing a value always evaluates as true, your
expression was always true, too.

Simon B,
simon at,

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