Using Which Version of Linux

Michael Schneider michaelschneider at
Sat Nov 5 20:17:56 CET 2005

I have been away from unix/linux for a couple of years.

I went with SUSE.   Just do an install all, and 10 gig later you
are done.

Very simple install, very easy admin with YAST.

If you are a power admin, there may be better release.  But if you want
simple, but powerful, SUSE has worked well for me.

Good Luck,

blah at blah.blah wrote:
> ok, i m going to use Linux for my Python Programs, mainly because i 
> need to see what will these fork() and exec() do. So, can anyone tell 
> me which flavour of linux i should use, some say that Debian is more 
> programmer friendly, or shold i use fedora, or Solaris. Because these 
> three are the only ones i know of that are popular and free.

The greatest performance improvement occurs on the transition of from 
the non-working state to the working state.

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