wxPython Licence vs GPL

Scott David Daniels scott.daniels at acm.org
Wed Nov 23 16:53:40 CET 2005

Steven D'Aprano wrote:
> On Tue, 22 Nov 2005 12:57:12 -0800, Scott David Daniels wrote:
>>I would, at the very least, acknowledge the wxPython origin of the code
>>whether any remains or not (credit is appreciated and cheap to give).
>... In this world where ideas are thought to be property (if only I could
> own the idea that ideas can be owned) the safest position is to claim
> you've never read a book, seen a line of code, been to the movies or heard
> a song in your life.
> (Only half joking.)

OK, we are working in a language released for free use around the world.
wxPython is publicly available for free.  Guess whether someone will sue
you for using such things.  Failure to give credit, _especially_ given
you were charged nothing for the original is _at_the_very_least_ rude,
and I would go for immoral and don't care to speculate about the
legality.  Using another's work without giving credit is plagiarism,
you are representing that you came up with the whole.  The point of
open source is not to be able to represent as your work a larger work
than you can really accomplish.  The point is to collectively produce
what we cannot produce singly.  Give others their due, and perhaps (at
least some of the time) they will do the same for you.

I would rather know from the creator of a work the extent to which he
feels he owns the original and derived works, and simply avoid using
the others.

--Scott David Daniels
scott.daniels at acm.org

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