wxListBox and others after upgrade to MacOS X 10.4

ishtar tkrzywicki at gmail.com
Sun Nov 20 11:21:00 CET 2005


I have strange problem...

I created some application using Linux which was intended to run on Mac
OS X. There were few differences between Linux and Mac behavior of
wxWidgets but finally after exchange of several screenshots i was able
to finish it without even touching mac. BTW It was funny expirience. It
was Mac OS 10.2 and everything was installed separetlly (wxPython,
Now they (my dear users) changed the OS to 10.4 where everything except
pyXML is on place and it is working strange - means users can't use it.

controls like buttons and lists are enabled but I can not click on them
- it's not reacting.
When some list focused on startup I can use it by keys (up and down
arrows - to be clear)
but mouse events are not handled at all.

I spent some time on this problem and looks like I am in deadend.
If anybody knows some directions where I can investigate ... would be


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