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Bengt Richter bokr at
Mon Nov 7 19:58:18 CET 2005

On Mon, 07 Nov 2005 13:49:35 +0000, Alan Kennedy <alanmk at> wrote:

>> Is there a way to stop a thread with some command like t.stop()? Or any
>> other neat way to get around it? Thanks!
>Good question.
>And one that gets asked so often, I ask myself why it isn't in the FAQ?
>It really should be in the FAQ. Isn't that what FAQs are for?
>Maybe the FAQ needs to be turned into a wiki?
Maybe when really good answers to questions get posted, we could edit it
down to a final version candidate that we all agree on, and when agreed,
make the final post with a tag line that google will recognize and that
can be a tag line for python newsgroup gems.

Sort of like a wiki-within-newsgroup in effect. E.g., "Tim Peters"
gets a lot of interesting stuff. Likewise Martelli, though the volume is daunting
either way (140,000 & 32,400 resp ;-)

What about "python-newsgroup-faq" If we avoid the tag line in all but
finalized posts, that plus some additional search-narrowing via google would probably
be pretty effective. But this is a social engineering problem more than technical ;-)

BTW, would such a thing appropriately be defined in a process PEP?

Bengt Richter

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