wxPython newbie question, creating "mega widgets" , and DnD

Max Erickson maxerickson at gmail.com
Thu Nov 10 21:43:47 CET 2005

"akameswaran at gmail.com" <akameswaran at gmail.com> wrote in
news:1131635970.831338.109280 at g49g2000cwa.googlegroups.com: 

> A side question - why is their a EVT_LIST_BEGIN_DRAG but no
> EVT_LIST_END_DRAG, unlike tree's which have BEGIN and END?  I
> need a draggable list box, and would prefer to not handle low
> level mouse events.

My intuition(so take it with a grain of salt) says that it wouldn't 
make any sense for the list control to generate an event when the drag 
and drop lands on a different control.


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