Proposal for adding symbols within Python

Erik Max Francis max at
Mon Nov 14 00:16:15 CET 2005

Ben Finney wrote:

> I believe that's exactly what Pierre doesn't want to do. He wants to
> simply use names (marked special in some way) and have Python
> automatically determine a unique value for each name, with nary an
> assignment in sight.
> To me, that's a net loss. It makes names more complicated, it loses
> "explicit is better than implicit", and it loses the checks Python
> could do against using a name that hasn't been assigned a value
> (caused by e.g. a misspelled name).

I agree.  And, when done explicitly, it's already easy enough to do this 
within the language, by just assigning it a value, even if it's an 
integer from range/xrange or a new sentinel like object().

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