OpenSSL in Python

Juho Schultz juho.schultz at
Tue Nov 1 12:13:17 CET 2005

dcrespo wrote:
> Hi to all,
> What do I have to install to get the following code work (Win XP,
> Python 2.4.2)
> from OpenSSL import SSL
> import config
> ----------------------------------
> I've been looking for OpenSSL for python. I found pyOpenSSL, but it
> requires the OpenSSL library, which I only found on
>, but don't know how to install.

Open source is very often distributed as source tarballs that contain
installation instructions. So:

Download archive - extract - read files named INSTALL, README, ...

Repeating the advice you have from some other posters:
You have to install both OpenSSL (the library) and
pyOpenSSL (so python can use the library).

> Other thing is the "config" module... I'm lost. Someone knows? :-S

I'd guess "config" is local module related to your system setup.
Nothing with that name comes with Python or pyOpenSSL.

> My main purpose is to enable xml-rpc server over an SSL connection.
After installing pyOpenSSL have a look at


> Thanks
> Daniel
I hope this helped a bit.

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