wxPython Licence vs GPL

Steven D'Aprano steve at REMOVETHIScyber.com.au
Sat Nov 26 04:29:28 CET 2005

On Fri, 25 Nov 2005 17:17:43 +0000, Ed Jensen wrote:

> Whereas including
> one line of GPL code into your 10,000,000,000 line project can have
> disasterous consequences (which I find ridiculous)

If you think that's disastrous, just try using one line of proprietary
code in your 10,000,000,000 line project without permission.

Or for that matter, one line of BSD code without living up to your
obligations under the BSD licence.

That's what is is really about, not the presence or absence of lines of
code. If you can't or won't live up to your obligations under the licence,
then you have no business using the code in your project.

And no, it isn't too obvious to mention -- all the nonsense talk about
the GPL being viral misses the point that *any* unauthorized code can and
will poison your entire project if you get caught. Anyone who thinks the
GPL is unique in that regard is deluding themselves.


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