Class Variable Access and Assignment

Antoon Pardon apardon at
Tue Nov 8 11:14:05 CET 2005

Op 2005-11-08, Magnus Lycka schreef <lycka at>:
> Antoon Pardon wrote:
>> Fine that goes both ways. I don't mind not being taken serious by people
>> I have trouble taking serious my self. No doubt that goes for you too.
> You know Antoon, these internet communities aren't really like
> Speaker Corner in Hyde Park. You earn respect based on your merits,
> not from the stubborn persistence in you arguments.
> Steve has written a very good book on Python, he's worked a lot
> with Python conferences, and helped people on comp.lang.python
> for years etc. He has earned his respect.

So? Steve can be very good at explaining what python is and
how it behaves and at the same time have poor arguments why
this would be good langauge design.

So although he may have earned his respect in the first,
that doesn't mean I have to take him seriously in the

> You are fighting wind mills, bickering about things that you
> don't have any solutions for.

People should know what they want. If one dares to propose
an alternative here, chances are that you get told to
search a language that behaves as you want, if you don't
you get blamed you don't have a solution.

The only acceptable behaviour, seems to keep quiet about
things where one thinks python could be improved.

> It's possible that you have just
> not realized how Python handles objects, names and classes, but I
> can't understand what you are trying to accomplish. What can you
> possibly try to convey that you haven't already stated? It's
> as if you've got stuck in this thread. In the real world, I
> haven't heard of anyone ever having had problems with this.

Well in the real world nobody seemed to have problems with
the lack of a condtional expression either. Each time someone
brought it up, they were told it wasn't necessary anyway and
how you could simulate it, with some caveat, by using 'and'
and 'or'.

Until it seems one of the developers got bitten by an elusive
bug caused by such a caveat and suddenly there will be a
condional expression in the next version.

So, that we haven't heard of anyone ever having a problem
with it doesn't contradict, that it may one day be the
cause of a very elusive bug.

> This thread is all to infected to lead to good things. Hopefully
> you'll learn something about communication from it, but the price
> has been higher than you might be aware of right now.

Shrug, this is usenet, not my social life.

Antoon Pardon

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