Importing a class without knowing the module

Alex Martelli aleax at
Fri Nov 18 06:25:43 CET 2005

Mike Meyer <mwm at> wrote:
> >> >> How about adding Foo.__file__ to the serialized data?
> >> depends on somewhere on it. You can use the module name if you have it
> >> available. If not, deriving the module name from the file name is
> >> about the best you can do.
> > I disagree with the last sentence.  From a filepath of
> You should read the next-to-last sentence, which says to use the
> module name if you have it. The last sentence starts "If not" -
> meaning you don't have the module name. *That's* the case for which
> the file name is about the best you can do.

I see!  Thanks for clarifying.  Could you please give me an example of a
Foo class which has a Foo.__file__ attribute but not a Foo.__module__
attribute?  Sorry, must be some moment of weakness on my mind's part
(quite possible, since I am recovering from recent surgery), but I
cannot think of a situation where that would be the case (while classes
with __module__ and w/o __file__ are the normal situation).  Were there
no case in which, given a class, you can learn about its file (by a
__file__ attribute) but not about its module (by a __module__
attribute), I would of course hope that my inability to parse that
sentence of yours, which would under such hypothetical circumstaces be
an absurd hypothesis, might be more forgivable.


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