[OT] Map of email origins to Python list

Tom Anderson twic at urchin.earth.li
Wed Nov 9 19:42:44 CET 2005

On Mon, 7 Nov 2005, Claire McLister wrote:

> We've been working with Google Maps, and have created a web service to map 
> origins of emails to a group.

Top stuff! The misses are, if anything, more interesting than the hits!

I, apparently, am in Norwich. I have been to Norwich a few times, and, in 
fact, i think i've walked along the very street where i'm supposedly 
located, but i don't think i've ever posted news from there. I read this 
group via an SSH connection from my office (in north central London) or 
home (in north-east inner London), or elsewhere, to a shell account on 
urchin.earth.li, a machine colocated at an ISP (in Docklands, London), 
which peers at three POPs (probably also in Docklands, London).

The domain earth.li, in which the machine lives, however, was registered 
by someone who gives their address as being in Norwich, which i guess is 
where that comes from.

What it doesn't explain is why Sion Arrowsmith is also down as being in 
Norwich - i don't know Sion from Eve, but based on the fact that she's a 
chiark.greenend.org.uk user, i'd guess she's in Cambridge. Now, chiark has 
no links to Norwich that i can see, but it is also colocated at the same 
ISP as urchin (chiark and urchin are sort of mirror images of each other 
in many ways) - is this a case of 'Norwich by association'?


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