How to write an API for a Python application?

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>Indeed, Paul:  those who scorn CORBA often *do* re-create it,
>I still don't think it's the right answer for Mr. Kshepitzki.
>Pyro might be perfect.  My own instinct is to start even more
>primitively, with a minimal asynchat client and server.  I've
>looked through the *Cookbook*, and see that it doesn't have
>what I want.  Maybe it's time Phaseit donate one of the
>little models we use ...  

Pyro is definitely of no use to the original poster. He specifically
wants to access his Python server from languages other than Python.

To me, the situation sounds complex enough, especially with the need
for callbacks, that CORBA is an ideal solution. At the expense of a
small amount of boilerplate code, all the communication issues are
handled for you. In this day and age, why would you want to write code
that deals with sockets apart from the most specialist situations?



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