Application monitor

Magnus Lycka lycka at
Wed Nov 9 18:17:54 CET 2005

Daniel Crespo wrote:
> Respect Twisted... Mmm... I already started with another networking
> library (TCPServer and SimpleXMLRPCServer), and I wouldn't like to mix
> things because I don't know so much about those libraries. I know that
> Twisted can do what I already have. But replacing it can be a hard
> task. So I would like to have a function like FindPID(exename) --> PID,
> or something more generic that could tell me the PID of a running
> program, and kill him in a certain moment.

You *could* use twisted.runner for process control even if you
don't use twisted for your networking code. It does seem like
a funny thing to do, but there's nothing stopping you from doing
that. The example code in twisted.runner starts up a few shell
scripts that die on their own accord, and make sure they get
restarted, so it doesn't rely on twisted being used in the
processes it controls.

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