Python music interfaces

groupstudy2001 at groupstudy2001 at
Fri Nov 11 21:42:41 CET 2005

Lonnie Princehouse wrote:
> Are you talking about audio files (wav, mp3) or MIDI?

Strictly discrete notes or chords. I honestly don't know how the files
are made up but I guess MIDI would be more the thing. Can you recommend
a package for reading them (as arrays, perhaps)? The simpler the

> Tkinter's Canvas will work nicely for display, particularly because
> it's absurdly easy to convert Canvas contents into PostScript for
> printing.

I don't have access to a postscript printer but I guess I can use the
display and do a printscreen etc so I'll look in to this some more.
Tkinter has to be the way to go, I think....

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