Pythonising the vim (e.g. syntax popups) -> vimpst

Christoph Haas email at
Thu Nov 10 16:02:29 CET 2005

Hi, Roman et al...

On Thursday 10 November 2005 00:52, Roman Roelofsen wrote:
> The last 5 days I´ve been working on a code-completion/calltips plugin
> for vim. It´s working pretty good but not finished yet. I will anounce
> the first beta version on this mailling list. I hope during the next
> week.
> I recorded a swf-video so that you can take a look at the current
> status. Link:

That is very impressive. I saw a similar plugin which had a big drawback: 
it didn't know the object type you need context help for. E.g. it offers 
you help for the .split method even though you are dealing with an object 
which does not have this method assigned. The great advantage of the IDLE 
is that it really understands Python. So it knows about object types you 
work with. I'm curious how you handle that. Perhaps the python features in 
Vim have that built-in. But Vim scripting looked even evil for me... and 
I've been working with Perl for a decade. :)

Thanks for your contribution.

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