How to install python2.4.2 on IRIX6.5 ?

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at
Mon Nov 21 22:56:22 CET 2005

Xiao Jianfeng wrote:
> self.assertEquals(result, expected)
> AssertionError: '-0' != '0'
> Can somebody tell me what's the problem ?

It looks like there is some minor bug in the floating
point libraries of your operating system: Python expects
that the strings for both numbers are the same in the test,
but actually, one number is formatted as -0, and the other
as 0.

It's not clear what the test_locale failure is; when
you run it again, it says that test_frozen has been run
instead. Are you sure the commands worked precisely as
entered? In any case, test_locale failures are typically
also of minor importance only, as well.

This is a minor issue only, and shouldn't affect Python's
functionality for most cases. Given that the rest of
the test suite passed, just go ahead and make install.


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