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>Different programming styles are appropriate for different tasks,
>different times and different places, different people.  And like
>morality, government, or economics, I do not believe that one style of
>programming fits all situations.  But I do not think (and reading c.l.p
>convinces me) that GvR and Python's developers know a coding style that
>works best in all situations.  I do think that the Python development
>community believes they do, or more accurately, that if someone wants
>to use a different style, they can go use something else.The sense I
>have with Python is a little like I have seen in certain religious or
>very ideological political groups -- "our way is the one true way".  I
>just can't buy that.

Your third-to-last sentence is correct, but your second-to-last sentence
is not.  The reason Python people say to use something else is precisely
because we don't believe that one-size-fits-all.  Some people use other
languages in addition to Python, and some people don't use Python at all.
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