bsddb185 question

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Tue Nov 22 19:20:48 CET 2005

    thakadu> It seems it doesnt implement ALL of the dictionary interface
    thakadu> though.  dir({}) yields many more methods than
    thakadu> dir(  So bsddb185 is missing many of the
    thakadu> methods that I am used to in bsddb. I mentioned some above that
    thakadu> are missing, pop() in particular would be useful in my
    thakadu> situation but there are others as well.  From a java
    thakadu> perspective I believe that its not possible to omit certain
    thakadu> methods when implementing an interface, I am not sure about
    thakadu> Python though.

The bsddb185 module is only there as a "rescue" module so that you can work
with old 1.85 files.  You should never use it for new development, as the
1.85 version of Berkeley DB has known bugs that are only fixed in later
versions.  As you noticed, those later versions will not read or write v1.85
files.  Since the bsddb185 module is only there for compatibility and
emergencies, no new functionality is planned for it.


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