Python and MySQL

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Thu Nov 3 00:08:57 CET 2005

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> Thomas Bartkus wrote:
> > Well, I'm looking at the source for the ever popular MySQLdb library. It
> > appears to be nothing but straight up Python source code. I see no
> > why you couldn't just take these modules and put them in your own
> > directory. There is nothing secret here.
> >
> I have a _mysql.c as a part of my distrbution of MySQLdb. Don't you?

You made me give that library a good hard stare.

And no - everything is enunciated in clear Python (.py) code with
corresponding (.pyc) and (.pyo).  It appears we have Python source for


>>> print MySQLdb.version_info
(1, 2, 0, 'final', 1)

There doesn't seem to be .c code to be found anywhere.
Thomas Bartkus

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