Multiple versions

Tim Golden tim.golden at
Mon Nov 28 15:47:10 CET 2005


> I need to install both 2.3 and 2.4 on my Win2000 system. Can someone
> give me a pointer as to how to do this? Thanks!

It depends on your other requirements. The simple answer is: just
them (in different directories, eg c:\python23, c:\python24), installing

last the one which you want your .py/.pyw files to be associated with.

If you have more specific requirements concerning shared modules and
so on, the answer might be slightly different. Personally, these
days, I install the versions I want (I have 2.1 - 2.4 on this 
machine) and reinstall external modules for each version. My
own modules I keep in a Subversion repository and update as needed.
This avoids slight messiness with mismatched .pyc files, I find.


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