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Wed Nov 2 23:01:18 CET 2005

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> I appologize in advance for this strange (and possibly stupid)
> question.
> I want to know if there is a way to interface a MySQL database without
> Python-MySQL or without installing anything that has C files that need
> to be compiled. The reason for this, is that I want to develop a
> certain web application, but my hosting provider (!#@$!@#%) isn't very
> eager to supply Python-MySQL (or any modules to python). Is there an
> alternative approach I could use to pass around this ridiculos lack of
> functionality?

Well, I'm looking at the source for the ever popular MySQLdb library. It
appears to be nothing but straight up Python source code. I see no reason
why you couldn't just take these modules and put them in your own private
directory. There is nothing secret here.


As others have already pointed out, after you go to this trouble, your
hosting provider will still suck!  I'm sure you can you can get lot's of
suggestions for a suitable replacement.

Thomas Bartkus

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