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Wed Nov 30 04:49:00 CET 2005

On 29 Nov 2005 18:34:34 -0800, bonono at wrote:

>Bengt Richter wrote:
>> On 29 Nov 2005 14:08:12 -0800, igouy at wrote:
>> >We don't scrape programs from news-groups, if you'd like the program to
>> >be shown on the shootout then please attach the source code to a
>> >tracker item.
>> You asked for something, got a response, and then you haughtily[1] declare
>> that it's not being served on a special platter from your cupboard,
>> and you won't deign to "scrape" the serving onto your own platter.
>> Pfui. Your apparent[1] attitude turns me off, not to mention your top-posting.
>I don't see it as an attitude issue but wording. It is blunt but I can
Wording order expresses the attention priorities of the speaker.
The OP was effectively saying, "I may get around to saying something about
what you did, but first, here's the way I operate, and what you need to
adapt to. Please adapt. Now I have no more time to say anything about what you did,
or to acknowledge it, never mind to express thanks for the effort."

That's not just blunt and concise, it looks like the modus operandi
of a typical volunteer/employee-exploiter (or perhaps spoiled brat,
the typical precursor to the former).

>see his point. He was asking people if it is possible to
>submit(contribute) some code to the test. And based on what I saw on
>his site, it is inappropriate for him to just take code from ML/usenet
>as all codes there need proper author(beyond courtesy, there may be
>copyright issue). That is my reading anyway.
That's possible, but the way I read the OP's post, his priority was
not exactly expression of gratitude, which IMO was due first.

>If it was nicely explained why it needs to be done this way upfront(or
>in the response), I believe you may not feel it this way.
Exactly. Up front would imply different social priorities, at least to me.
>Interestingly, I find this response quite compatible with the
>personality of this group.
Which "this"? ;-)

Bengt Richter

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