Class Variable Access and Assignment

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Antoon Pardon wrote:
> Op 2005-11-04, Steve Holden schreef <steve at>:
>>Antoon Pardon wrote:
>>>Op 2005-11-04, Steve Holden schreef <steve at>:
>>>>I suppose ultimately I'm just more pragmatic than you.
>>>It has nothing to do with being more pragmatic. Being pragmatic
>>>is about how you handle things with real life projects. It has
>>>little to do with the degree in which you agree with the design
>>>of the tool you have to work with. I would say I am more pragmatic
>>>than most defenders of python, because when it comes done to
>>>do my work, I just use python as best as I can, while a lot
>>>of people here seem to think that every little criticism I have
>>>is enough to go and look for a different language.
>>No, being pragmatic is to do with accepting what is rather than wasting 
>>time wishing it were otherwise,
> Just accepting what is, is not pragmatic. Not much progress would have
> been made if we just accepted what is.
Pragmatically, I accept that whatever I say you are likely to respond 
with a nit-picking argument. Pragmatically I accept this situation for 
what it is. This does not stop me imagining a world where our dialogues 
are about meaningful issues rather than whether a particular facet of 
Python's design is "unsane". Pragmatically I accept that such a world is 
likely to exist only in my imagination.
>>particularly when the "insane" behavior 
>>was actually a deliberate design choice. Which is why it doesn't work 
>>the same as non-local references in nested scopes.
> That b.a = b.a + 2
> works as a result of a design choice, that I can accept.
> But IMO b.a += 2, working as it does, is more the result of
> earlier design and implementation decisions than it was
> a deliberate design decision.
You are wrong.

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