Expanding Python as a macro language

gmilas at gmail.com gmilas at gmail.com
Tue Nov 1 01:58:53 CET 2005

qwweeeit at yahoo.it wrote:
> Imagine you want to access a big database from a html server which
> only allows you to access such data in chunks pressing a "next"
> button on an ASP file. It will take several hours to click the button
> and then save the new data supplied by the server!
> That is a typical task of AutoIt, very easily programmable,

This may be of some use for you:
   - http://www.idyll.org/~t/www-tools/twill.html a python tool with a
language to script "web commands"
   - http://maxq.tigris.org/  a java tool with python as macro-language
to script "web commands"

I would guess, probably any tool designed for testing be it web or gui
should have some of the functionality you are looking after?

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