sending all key events to wx.panel?

KvS keesvanschaik at
Fri Nov 25 12:40:52 CET 2005

I've tried, by setting

self.Bind(wx.EVT_CHAR, self.handleKeybEv, self)

in the top level frame, but still this only works if the panel has
focus and not if e.g. a button on the panel has focus while a key is

In the meantime I found this:

"In some cases, it might be desired by the programmer to get a certain
number of system events in a parent window, for example all key events
sent to, but not used by, the native controls in a dialog. In this
case, a special event handler will have to be written that will
override ProcessEvent() in order to pass all events (or any selection
of them) to the parent window."

in wxPython docupart on event handling. Anybody who has done something
like that before?

- Kees

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