How to write an API for a Python application?

Alex Martelli aleax at
Sun Nov 20 03:44:35 CET 2005

Cameron Laird <claird at> wrote:

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> >Pyro might be perfect.  My own instinct is to start even more
> >primitively, with a minimal asynchat client and server.  I've
> >looked through the *Cookbook*, and see that it doesn't have
> >what I want.  Maybe it's time Phaseit donate one of the
> >little models we use ...  
> Ah-ha!  See Example 19-7, on page 447 of *Python in a Nutshell*:
> under two dozen lines that provide an echo server which correctly
> handles multiple concurrent clients.  

Note also that you can freely download all of the code in my book as (it's just
36 KB).  In that same chapter you will find several implementations of
mutually compatible clients and servers for that same echo-oid
"protocol" (as well as one incompatible one using UDP -- all the others
use TCP).  I hope they can be useful to anybody wanting to kludge
together some simple TCP/IP thingy (though, for the problem being
discussed in this thread, I'd rather recommend Corba;-).


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