Python's website does a great disservice to the language

The Eternal Squire eternalsquire at
Fri Nov 4 04:04:09 CET 2005

Well, I admit the remark was off the cuff because I was thinking of
conventional waterfall development cycles in the aerospace industry....
 in that context someone who wasn't there during an entire development
cycle is not even a junior member, but is rather a recruit under
training to begin actually contributing to the next project.

I would call someone who survived all phases of a single
design-code-test-peerreview cycle (about 2 years) to be junior, and
someone with less experience that that as a recruit.  On that basis,
the lead should have 3 design cycles or 6 years experience.   The lead
does not need to be the master designer on the project, but it helps a
lot when that happens.

The Eternal Squire

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