Python vs Ruby

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Thu Nov 17 00:50:20 CET 2005

bruno modulix wrote:
> It's been a long time since I last saw a Java applet on a website.

That can only mean you are ignorant.
Applets are a huge deal for Intranets. And Java Web Start is even more
useful. I really wish Python had such wonderful means of deployment.

bruno modulix wrote
>  Err... I wouldn't start another HolyWar, but Java is not that Object
> Oriented. 'Class-based' would be more appropriate. Python, while not
> being class-based (ie: it doesn't impose that all code goes into a
> 'class' statement), is much more an OO language than Java, since in
> Python *everything* is an object - even functions, classes and modules.
> This makes a *big* difference.

I think you are confusing terms. Class-based means that the language
uses classes and class inheritance and not object prototyping (as in

And why should functions be objects ? Actually, this makes it less OOP
if we consider Smaltalk as being true OOP ;)
Python is here more pragmatic but less OOP, please try to remember it.

And haven't you heard of java.lang.Class or java.lang.reflect.Method ?
Classes in Java *ARE* objects. Or do you think all those static methods
and properties just pop out of the ground ? Voodoo maybe ? :)

The reason classes don't behave as objects is because that's only
usefull for reflection and meta-programming and that can be achieved by
using the java.lang.reflect package which IMHO it really makes sense
the way it was implemented.

bruno modulix wrote
> Err... Python is more like what Java would have been if Java was a smart
> dynamic hi-level object oriented language !-)

You see, I rarely see this kind of rubish on comp.lang.ruby. Shame on
Do you realy think you are doing the Python community a favor by
bashing Java ?

And yeah, LOC count is stupid. Productivity in general measured in LOC
is stupid. For that Java has a simple syntax which anyone can learn in
only a few hours (simpler than Python's ... a lot imho) and tools like
Eclipse, Netbeans, Studio Creator, JBuilder, etc ...

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